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Slidell Handy Services

Handyman in Slidell

workers installing the wood wall

If you are looking for the best Handyman in Slidell, LA, you have come to the right place! With many years of experience, the team here at Slidell Handy Services are a collective of experts highly specialized in all kinds of fields you will require for your property. Here for you at any stage or scenario, our team are available to provide support and premium standard services that maintain your home or commercial site at the best it can be! Get in touch today to find out more and we will be glad to help!


Having served the local communities of Slidell, LA, for many years, Slidell Handy Services are the most trusted provider of all handyman services in the area. Offering a wide range of services, we can support you with all your household or commercial property upkeep needs, from electrical services to carpentry to drywall repairs and much more. We are a team of experts who are highly specialized in our individual fields. We each work with the latest and most effective techniques, equipment, and products to achieve exceptional results for your property!

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    Our Services

    two workers holding the wood
    worker measuring the wood
    worker connecting the water pipe

    With a wide range of services on offer to the people of Slidell, LA, we are pleased to be able to support you with all of your property upkeep needs. Able to assist in all elements of your site, from electrical services to plumbing to drywall repair to carpentry to fencing to painting, you name it and we can help! Every member of our team is highly specialized in their area of work and uses only the latest and most effective techniques, equipment, and products to achieve optimum results for your site. To keep your home or commercial property at the best it can be, Slidell Handy Services are the people for you!



    The electrics on your property need to be functioning to the best they can be to ensure optimum safety, money saving, and convenience! Ideal for both residential and commercial sites, our electrical service is here to ensure only the best for your property. With affordable prices and fast call out rates, get in touch with us as soon as you experience an issue with your electrics and you can expect a resolved result... fast!


    As the local experts in all things plumbing here in Slidell, LA, we are here for you! Offering a custom service in response to the unique needs of your property, our team will perform long-lasting works that ensure a complete resolvement of any issue. To find out more please feel welcome to get in contact and we will be glad to provide a repair as quickly as possible!


    An incredibly skilled craftmanship, carpentry offers untold benefits to your property. To ensure only the best for your property, you need carpenters that you can trust to create your perfect woodwork. Ideal for all sites and all uses of wood across a property, our expert team will create all kinds of works that will bring your vision to reality. From one-of-a-kind pieces to repairs to replacements to removals, whatever you require we can achieve. For your local expert carpenters, the team at Slidell Handy Services are here for you!

    two workers painting the wall
    newly installed wood fence
    worker in the ladder

    Drwall Repair


    Offering a range of top-quality fencing services, the team at Slidell Handy Services, are here for everyone. Working with a custom style approach, we ensure that every element of the service meets your needs, including aesthetic taste, practical requirements, and budget. We have a wide range of options available to help you achieve the perfect fence for your site. For top-quality installation, repairs, replacements, and removal fencing services, get in touch today to find out more and we will be glad to help!


    A stunning fresh paint job will transform your property! Here for all property owners in the Slidell, LA, area, we are pleased to offer a range of custom services, designed to bring your vison to reality. Using only the highest quality materials, products, and techniques, our sleek work will rejuvenate your home or commercial property. With something to suit all budgets and all schedules, for premium standard painting services that make your life easy, Slidell Handy Services are the company for you!

    Drywall Repair

    If you have experienced damage to drywall materials on your property, get in contact with us and the team here at Slidell Handy Service will be able to restore it to look as good as new! With premium standard repairs as well as replacements and removals, our affordably priced works can resolve any issues you may be experiencing. From smaller problems like holes, chips, and dents to larger problems and water damage, whatever you require, we will be glad to assist with!

    electrician using the tester
    worker nailing the fence
    worker holding the paint roller

    Contact Us Today

    To find out more about our wide range of exceptional standard handyman services, please get in contact with us! You can do so in two ways. Firstly, you can give us a call directly using the phone number listed here on this website, alternatively, you can request a call back from us, by filling in the online contact form also listed on this site. Please be aware that our phone lines are available during office hours, and although you can complete the online form at any time, your call back will be during these hours.

    “I had Slidell Handy Services install new fences on my property recently. They were great to work with and now the fences look brilliant. They did the installation and added on a stain finish for a bargain price. Highly recommend!” – Aiden F

    “Slidell Handy Services were great to work with. We really enjoyed the design process for our new staircase, and it has some beautifully nuanced personal details that relate just to us.” – Aimee R

    “I had an electrics emergency at my office block! No power and everybody due in shortly. Slidell Handy Services were amazing. Following my call, they came out quickly and were able to restore electricity and for a great price.” - Ben G