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As the number one handyman in Slidell, we are pleased to offer a premium standard fencing service that you can rely on for all your fencing needs. Here for you in every situation, from initial fence installation to fence repairs to fence replacement to fence painting, you name it and we can help! We work with only the highest quality materials, products, techniques, and equipment, so that you can be assured of only the best for your site when you work with us. Enlisting the work of Slidell Handy Services guarantees long-lasting durability and a stunning finish for your home or commercial site!

Initial Fence Installation

If you are looking to install a fence, you have come to the right place! With many years of experience, we are your local experts, here to perform a thorough service that ensures safety, strength, and long-lasting durability for your property. We have a wide range of options available to you, that can meet every practical requirement as well as every aesthetic taste and budget. From fences for security to fences for detailing, or both, we have something for everybody! Once you have chosen your option, on the day, our team will perform a carefully nuanced installation to achieve optimum results. Installing high-quality foundations, and exceptional standard materials, you can be assured this is a great investment to make!

Fence Repairs

For damaged fences, fear not... we can help! Using only the latest and most effective techniques, equipment, and products, our team of experts can restore your fence to look as good as new. From small repairs all the way through to panel replacements, you name it and we can help. Simply get in touch, and we will be glad to listen to your request before helping you to arrange your service. On the day, our expert will perform all measures required to rejuvenate your fence to optimum strength, durability, and aesthetic!

Fence Painting and Staining

A great way to keep your fence looking as good as new is to keep on top of the paint or staining. Your fences are constantly exposed to ever changing weather, which takes its toll on the aesthetic and can make it look worn and uncared for. As your local experts, we offer a top-quality painting and staining service that will rejuvenate your fence to look as good as new. All materials and products in use are highly specialized and can retain their finish well for many years to come!

Fence Replacement and Removal

For top-quality fence removal or replacements, you can rely on us! Paying meticulous attention to detail, our team of experts will carefully remove all required elements before either clearing the land or replacing it with a new fence. Using only the best materials, equipment, and techniques, you can be assured of your ideal result when you work with us! We offer all this at an affordable price and to meet your optimum convenience through flexible scheduling and efficient work methods.

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